Imperial China, New Forest UK

When we started planning our trip back to the UK, this Chinese restaurant was near the top of the list!  Imperial China in Lyndhurst, New Forest on the south coast of England, is some of the best Chinese cuisine I’ve had – certainly in the UK.  We visited here on our first weekend into the trip with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend Paul.  I would recommend, as we normally do, going as a group so you can try and share a range of dishes.


My personal favourite – and a popular dish across the group – is the sweet and sour prawns Hong Kong style.  We actually ordered two portions of this and it still all went!  The prawns are large and so tasty.

Sweet & sour prawns Imperial China Chinese Lyndhurst

Another great dish here is the beef in black bean sauce.  The beef is very tender and it comes with large chunks of green capsicum (peppers to my UK friends).

Beef in black bean sauce Imperial China New Forest

We also had the sliced beef with spring onion and garlic which my sister chose, and isn’t one I’ve had before.  Well done Joanne – this was fantastic and very flavoursome.

Sweet & sour prawns Imperial China Chinese Lyndhurst

Next up was a chicken dish with mushrooms and spring onion.  The mushrooms were huge and this dish overall was very generous – and delicious!

Chicken with mushroom and spring onion Imperial China Chinese Lyndhurst

Another dish we haven’t had before was the duck with pineapple.  This was quite unusual and tasted quite sweet.  I’m not sure I would pick this one again, but it was great to try something new.  It’s always too easy to go with what you know at regular restaurants!

Duck with pineapple Imperial China Chinese Lyndhurst

As well as egg fried rice, we supplemented the dishes (yes we had even more food!) with the Emperor noodles.  This could be a main course alone!  The noodles were served with chicken, shrimp, spring onions and beansprouts.

Emperor noodles Imperial China Chinese Lyndhurst

As you can see, we didn’t leave a thing!  We highly recommend this place for your next dinner out in the New Forest.

Eating dinner at Imperial China Chinese restaurant New Forest