Barilla Cookery School – Part 1

Love Italian food? Live in Sydney? You need to get down to the Barilla Cookery School and cook yourself the best goat (yes goat) ragu fettuccine with chestnuts and baked ricotta you will ever taste. That is a fact!

Working in the job which we do does invariably mean long and stressful hours from time to time, but it also comes with its fair share of added bonuses (jollies as we know them in advertising). Today was just one of those days. My team gathered together and off we went to visit one of our global clients. Barilla is massive in Italy dominating the pasta space with a massive market share, which is growing globally (marketing speak). These guys know their tomatoes!


Luca is the Executive Chef at this place and is a great guy. He sounds Italian but I suspect he was born in Slough (UK) and given the name Luke. That is pure speculation on the part of Flavour Adventure you understand Luca! We will delete if the law gets involved. Luca cooked the recipe and the OMD M2M Sydney team (on the Barilla account) watched and took mental notes, eagerly awaiting our chance to cook this very tasty dish.


On the menu today was a goat ragu followed by tiramisu. You will need to wait for part 2 for that one. Anyway, Luca only cooks dishes which rhyme apparently. So, first up we got the goat on. Frying off celery, carrot, garlic and onions with a good helping of extra virgin olive oil. After a few minutes, we added the 8 week grass fed goat meat which was minced to a coarse grade and would soon taste golden. Meanwhile we boiled up the tagitelli ready to add to the main dish

Well, we managed to cook the goat ragu with some added backed ricotta and chestnuts. This was an amazing main course and I will definitely make this dish for @emmaglazier soon!


Wait for part 2 where we make an amazing tirimisu