Escaping the rain!

It has been a pretty miserable weekend of rain here in Sydney – and therefore a very productive one!  I have caught up on some household chores, had my hair cut (long overdue) and done a little bit of work ahead of some annual leave next week – and of course, eaten!  On Saturday, we decide to seek out a little comfort food and tried Zaaffran Indian restaurant in Darling Harbour.

Wine at Zaaffran Sydney

We really love Indian food, and back in the UK we would regularly chose this cuisine.  But the Indian food scene is not as big here and we have struggled to find many places.  I can say that One MB in Potts Point does a fantastic takeaway though!  Anyway, back to Zaaffran… We chose an outside table under cover which, up on the first floor, gives a good view over the harbour.  The menu does have a good selection and flavours to cater for most curry fans, with a chef’s favourites upfront and then a menu split into vegetarian and non vegetarian options, with a section for ‘just curries’.

We have a formula (unbroken so won’t fix it) of choosing a mild dish, a hot one then rice and a naan to share, so we went for the Chingri Malai, which was prawns in a coconut sauce, with onions, garlic, chillies, cardamom and clove and beef vindaloo, which probably doesn’t need much explanation but just in case, this is beef in a ginger, red chilli, coriander, pepper, cinnamon and onion sauce with malt vinegar.  Before you get too impressed, vindaloos are not quite the same over here, and while this is a hot dish , it is nothing compared to the UK counterpart we’re used – so that’s a warning to any Aussies travelling to the UK!

Prawn Chingri Malai curry at Zaaffran

Beef vindaloo at Zaaffran Sydney

We had aromatic basmati rice and a garlic naan to accompany the dishes and got stuck in!

Aromatic basmati rice at Zaaffran Sydney

Garlic naan bread at Zaaffran Sydney

Lunch at Zaaffran Sydney

Both dishes were really tasty and while the sauces were a little thinner in consistency than I would have expected, this actually stopped us feeling overly full as some Indian meals can do.  The beef was so tender, it just fell apart on the plate and we both agreed that the vindaloo was our favourite of the two.  The prawns were also very tender, and the coconut sauce had a bit of a kick to it too!  The naan bread was very thin, like a crispy pizza crust.

Overall this was a very pleasant dining experience and we would certainly return again. The staff were attentive and thanks to the Entertainment Card is was pretty reasonable too!