Summer lunch at Aqua, Sydney

I visited the lovely Aqua restaurant close to Luna Park in North Sydney recently for a work function (I do love my job sometimes!) and felt I had to write a short piece to share it with you all.  The restaurant has a beautiful view of Sydney Harbour and the bridge – I have to admit that I’ve used this image from the website below as I didn’t manage to take my own photo on the day.  I was lucky enough to have an equally sunny day on my visit!

View at Aqua Sydney

Credit: Aqua Dining

The staff here were so attentive and took us through the menu in a lot of detail, including the different specials that appeared that day.  We had a selection of bread served to the table, which looked and smelt amazing – and still warm – I had to be so careful not to fill up too much on this!  I started with one of the specials, a summer salad of mozzarella puree with sun dried tomatoes and basil leaves.  I wanted to start with something light and this was so tasty!  The light taste of the mozzarella was perfect alongside the much stronger tasting tomatoes – it was beautiful!

Starter at Aqua Sydney

Next up I chose the grain fed angus reserve beef dish which was served with silverbeet puree, caramelised onion, puffed spelt and buckwheat, including an asparagus stalk and chips on the top.  This was cooked beautifully (rare of course!) and the more unusual accompanying flavours were a refreshing change from other dishes I’ve had at other places.  It also helped to keep it quite light too as there were no heavy carbohydrates on the plate.

Beef tenderloin for lunch at Aqua Sydney

So I obviously need to rectify that with a dessert!  I chose the lemon panettone, with was served with malt, goats cheese and raspberries.  As with the main dish, this dessert presented some really different flavours that I wasn’t expecting.  There was a strong taste of goats cheese on the side of the panettone which tasted quite sharp – and alongside the lemon flavours it was almost too much.  It was a good dessert, but I’m not sure I’d pick these flavour combinations in a hurry again.  The panettone on its own was lovely, great citrus flavours and and actually very filling!

Lemon dessert for lunch at Aqua Sydney

Lemon dessert for lunch at Aqua Milsons Point Sydney

This restaurant is definitely worth a visit, the dishes put a different take on many dishes and combine a lot of flavours – everyone else’s dishes looked equally fantastic.  And as you can see, the presentation is spectacular.  The bright light setting and the views really help to make it too.  Thanks Aqua for a lovely afternoon!