Our first BBQ of the summer

Summer is officially here in Sydney and that means its time to partake in one of Australia’s most famous traditions – the BBQ.  We decided to host up on our roof last weekend, and it gave me a chance try out a couple of recipes that I have been wanting to make.

I spent most of the morning shopping and preparing ingredients for several different meat dishes and accompanying Mediterranean-style salads.    Before getting started, Dan created his own marinade using chilli, balsamic vinegar, garlic and red wine and we added diced chicken breast in one bowl and prawns in another.  We then left these in the fridge to soak up the flavours for a couple of hours, and sliced large chunks of red, yellow and green capsicum and onions.

Marinating prawns

Marinating chicken

Next up, and inspired by a recent article in Taste Magazine, I decided to put a slightly different take on the traditional beef burger, by presenting them as skewers with onion, pineapple and french bread.  I started by making my own patties, combining minced beef, half a chopped onion and egg yolk in a bowl and forming mini burgers with my hands.

Making beef burgers

Mini beef patties

Given the fact that I was using bread on the skewer, I pre-cooked the burgers to about half done so we could finish them off on the BBQ without charring the bread.  Once they had cooled, I began creating the skewers starting with a piece of french bread, a large square piece of onion, a mini beef pattie, two chunks of pineapple, another pattie and a final piece of bread.  Don’t they look great!

Beef burger skewers

After leaving the prawns and chicken for a couple of hours, we took these out of the fridge to begin creating these skewers.  Both meats were accompanied with the sliced capsicums and onions that we prepared earlier.  Very pretty!

Prawn skewers

Chicken breast skewers

I decided on a simple Greek salad of roma tomatoes, Lebanese cucumbers, red onion, red capsicum, olives and feta and a Mediterranean cous cous, with mixed capsicums, cucumber, red onion, tomatoes and parsley to accompany the skewers, as well as some more french bread and dressings.  We also had some pork sausages to cook up, in case food started to run low.

Sliced capsicums for the cous cous

Mediterranean cous cous

Greek salad

Everything came together as our friends started arriving and we got cooking up on the roof, enjoying the warm sunshine with a beer or two.  Dan took charge to cook all the food (there’s something about men and BBQs!) and I think it was all a big success!  The food all went, even the sausages, so I’ll take that as a good sign!

Dan at the BBQ

Cooking on the BBQ

Cooked BBQ skewers

The team!

One of our friends Yvonne very kindly made us a cake for dessert too.  This absolutely delicious dish was made from a chocolate cookie base, cheesecake middle and topped off with a raspberry sauce – wow!  It was fantastic, and thank you again Yvonne.  You can certainly come over again!


Chocolate and raspberry cheesecake