Lunch at Sauce Bar & Grill in Coogee

Dan and I like to get out of the city on weekends and explore different suburbs to see what they have to offer.  And given the warm and sunny forecast for last Sunday, we decided to pick one of the beautiful Sydney beach towns, Coogee.  It’s easy to see how Coogee is compared as a smaller Bondi, and it does have a similar layout and feel to it.  But as a less visited suburb and less touristy than Bondi, I think it’s a more interesting place to see.  There are many cafes and a mixture of surf outlets and boutique shops to walk round.  Along the seafront there are hotels, pubs and restaurants.  And of course the beach itself is gorgeous!

Coogee Beach Sydney

Just off the beach front road, and parallel to the main shopping street, we found Sauce Bar & Grill.  This restaurant looks over the cricket ground and feels rather summery with its open and contemporary design.  As the name suggests, they are known for offering a range of steak, grilled meats and rib dishes – I’ve heard the ribs are exceptional!  The menu also offers seafood and salads, so it’s a good range of food.

Lunch at Sauce Bar and Grill in Coogee

I chose crispy sesame chicken skewers with a mixed leaf, tomato, spanish onion and parmesan salad and guacamole dip.  The dish was presented beautifully and I love all the colours on the plate!  There was a generous amount of chicken here, and the salad was fresh and crisp.  The guacamole gave it an interesting twist too, and together everything tasted great.

Sesame chicken skewers mixed lettuce onion tomatoes parmesan salad guacamole Sauce Coogee

Crispy chicken skewers at Sauce Bar and Grill Coogee

Dan went with one of his favourites – scotch fillet.  This came served with apple and walnut slaw salad, and he added creamy peppercorn sauce and fries on the side.  I did pinch a couple of his fries (just to test them out of course) and was pleased to find that they were ‘real’ fries with potato skin still on.  Dan enjoyed the steak, and it was cooked very rare just as he had requested.  The peppercorn sauce was not quite as creamy or thick as he usually likes, but it still had a good flavour with the meat.

Scotch fillet with creamy peppercorn sauce fries at Sauce Coogee

Sauce also seems a great place to have an evening cocktail, with an extensive drinks menu on offer.  I’d like to visit again and sample that menu – and give these famous ribs a go too!