A day out in Mosman

We decided to explore the suburb of Mosman last Sunday.  I’ve been through it plenty of times on the bus and Dan hasn’t been there at all yet, so we jumped on the ferry at Circular Quay and headed over.  It’s a really scenic ferry ride, as it crosses to the north side of the harbour and slowly ambles up Mosman Bay.  We were admiring the lovely apartments and boats as we went!  Must get that lottery ticket…

Mosman Bay Sydney

We walked from Mosman Bay up to the main town area, which I didn’t realise is all up hill – slightly hard work in 35 degree heat!  Mosman has lots of cafes and boutique shops to walk round, as we sought some much needed liquid refreshment.

We then found Fourth Village Providore for lunch.  We first walked in to look around the food market, before realising it was also a restaurant.  The deli counter had so many different meats and salads, I could have spent a fortune!

Deli at Fourth Village Providore Mosman

Salads at the deli at Fourth Village Providore in Mosman

There was also a refrigerated cheese room which I was very excited about!  I went in to the rather pungent room, and there was every type of cheese you could think of!  Heavenly!

Cheese room at Fourth Village Providore Mosman

With all this lovely fresh food around, we figured that the restaurant had to be a good bet.  We were right!  The European-inspired menu is quite varied with salads, pasta, meat, seafood and pizzas and each item combines different flavours from the ‘normal’ dishes you’d find.  They also change some of the dishes on the menu each week which keeps it interesting – and gives a good reason to go back regularly!

I chose the panzanella e pollo, a Tuscan style salad of lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, basil and bread with rosemary roasted chicken and balsamic dressing.

Panzanella e pollo salad at the Fourth Village Providore restaurant Mosman

It was delicious!  A great mixture of flavours and a good size portion of food too.  It was presented beautifully.

Panzanella e pollo salad at Fourth Village Providore restaurant Mosman

Dan chose the Huntsman pizza which had tomato, mozzarella, fresh sausage, perorino and porcini mushrooms.

Huntsman pizza at Fourth Village Providore Mosman

It was huge!  They are generously sized pizzas here, but they do have a thin crispy Italian base which is good.  And Dan did a pretty good job of most of it!  He’s normally more of a grazer, and eats little and often so I was very impressed!  I did try a little bit of it and it was very good.

Eating Huntsman pizza at Fourth Village Mosman

I highly recommend this place, either for treating yourself to some goodies in the food market or staying in for lunch.  The food was fresh and the staff were very friendly too.   Then came the big walk back to the ferry…which was downhill at least!