Lunch at Fat Buddha in Sydney

Yesterday we took a break from the International Fleet Review and treated ourselves to lunch at Fat Buddha Chinese restaurant in Sydney.  Dan and I have been wanting to try this place for ages, as we love Chinese food and have yet to find many great places in the city since we have arrived.  Any readers here from our old UK hometown must try Imperial China in Lyndhurst – it’s fantastic!

Anyway, I digress…  Fat Buddha in Sydney is on the second floor of the Queen Victoria Building, right in the city centre, and as you can imagine if you know this building, the interior feels rather grand.  There was a choice of yum cha or the a la carte menu, and if you’re going with a large group there are banquet options too.

Fat Buddha at The Queen Victoria Building Sydney

Inside Fat Buddha chinese restaurant

We went for the a la carte menu on this occasion, but we did get a good look at the yum cha dishes as they went round and these looked very good.  Certainly a good reason to visit again soon and try them out!  We chose a main course each and the king prawn fried rice dish to share, although I have to say the rice dishes are rather large so could act as a main on their own.  Or they’re just right if, like us, you have a big appetite! The prawns in this dish were huge and cooked perfectly.

King prawn fried rice at Fat Buddha

The first main course that arrived was sweet and sour pork, which was absolutely delicious.  The sauce was tangy with large pineapple and capsicum chunks to bring out the sweetness. There were also a couple of chillies thrown in which added a surprising hint of heat to the dish.  The crispy battered pork was tender and full of flavour.

Sweet and sour pork at Fat Buddha

Lunch at The Fat Buddha

We had to be careful not to fill up before the next dish arrived.  Luckily it wasn’t far behind.  The other main dish we chose was the beef in black bean sauce.  This is one of my favourite Chinese dishes to have, so I felt I should put Fat Buddha to the test.  It very much passed and we didn’t leave much behind!  The slices of beef were succulent and soaked up the strong black bean sauce, with large chunks of green capsicum and spring onion, adding a crunchy texture.

Beef in Black Bean Sauce at Fat Buddha

I filled several bowls with different combinations here – the food was far too good to leave any!  I have to give a special mention and big thank you to our waiter Albert, who really looked after us.  He was knowledgeable and very entertaining, hopefully he’ll remember us next time!  After yesterday’s experience, I don’t think that next time will be very far away…

Eating lunch at the Fat Buddha

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  1. Thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. The food here is really great – I’m looking forward to going again!

  2. Sounds great! If you’re looking for yum cha, I thoroughly recommend the Marigold Hotel in Haymarket. They have a proper trolley service, and it’s amazingly cheap!

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