Friday Night Dinner at the Bistrode CBD

Last night Dan and I went for dinner in the city with our good friends Minsun and James.  Otherwise known as ‘the couple with the amazingly cute dog’ and I’m sure Elmo will feature on this blog very soon!

We went to Bistrode CBD on York Street, and I was really excited to try out the restaurant after regularly going along to the CBD bar after work and enjoying the atmosphere of the second floor sports bar York 75 on many occasions!  The food here always looks fantastic.  It was time to put my recent good diet behaviour to rest for a night!  Well, it was Friday after all…

And in that spirit we went for a three course meal.  I chose a starter of Wild Garlic, Milk & Potato Soup and Tiger Prawns.  Apologies Instagram followers for getting this slightly wrong on my photo!  The soup had a strong flavour, with just the right hit of garlic to go with the prawns.  It wasn’t too thick either, which is a surprise considering the potato – and it did perhaps border on large for a starter portion.  But then again, I could resist finishing it!

Wild Garlic, Milk & Potato Soup, Tiger Prawns

We all decided to go for the ‘Steak Your Claim’ shared steak platter for mains with chips on the side.  This month-long promotion gives you a chance to try three different types of steak – rump, flank and sirloin – and rate which one you like best to the chef.  At the end of September, the winning steak will be added to the menu.  The platters are between two, so we had one platter all rare (my preferred temperature) and one medium for the four of us.  Rump is often better enjoyed medium, however on this occasion, I would still vote for the rare.

Mixed steak platter

All three steaks had a distinctive flavour, so it was interesting to try all three.  The flank was the strongest in flavour of the three and the sirloin more smoky in taste.  We virtually unanimously voted for the rump as the winner – I don’t normally pick rump from a menu, but maybe now I will.  I certainly will if it wins the Bistrode contest!

Now for desserts – well, the cheese dish for me anyway.  I have a huge weakness for cheese, as I’ve mentioned before and I’m sure you’ll see time and time again!  I will often choose a cheeseboard over desserts.  This Pyengana cheddar was served with oatcakes and apple & pecan chutney – heaven!  Full as I may have been, I finished the lot (and set the alarm for Body Attack the next morning).

Pyengana cheddar, oatcakes, apple & pecan chutney

Overall, it was a lovely evening with great food and great company.