A Long Weekend In New Zealand

We’ve just got back from a wonderful long weekend in Wellington, New Zealand.  We went to visit my sister, Joanne who has been travelling since last September. She started her trip with an African safari (her photos are unreal!) and has been in New Zealand working and travelling for the last 10 months.  We’re told we look very alike!

Night out in Wellington, New Zealand

I have visited several places in New Zealand during my own backpacking days, but this was my first trip to Wellington.  It was mainly chosen so we could attend the Australia vs New Zealand rugby.

As with many other places across the country, Wellington is a beautiful place to see.  From the mountains out the plane window to the bay and harbour, every direction is a photo opportunity.  We spent the first day exploring on foot, and walked through the funky Cuba Street in Te Aro, down to Waitangi Park, around the water at Lambton Harbour and back through the Lambton Quay shopping district, stopping for some liquid refreshment as we went of course.

Wellington Cable Car

Joanne, and her boyfriend Paul, arrived on day two and after lots of catching up we decided on The Grand for dinner.  Joanne tried her first steak on a hot plate, with prawns – I love hot plate cooking, it always looks spectacular.  Dinner was a lot of fun and considering the menu was around pub prices, the food was certainly restaurant quality.  Recommended for anyone visiting Wellington – they also do a mean breakfast!

Cooking steak on a hot plate

I have to admit to you faithful food lovers that the rest of the trip was a little ‘lazy’ on the food front, so I’ll leave it there for now – but I’ll say that the chips at the Westpac Stadium weren’t too bad either!